Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Ass parade

So check this one out... what better way to worship the plethora of sweet juicy apple bottoms that come my way than being on the front behind enemy lines and witnessing the rigid workouts the likes of Ice baby jane and Victoria Allure withourt do to make sure ass parade about you their asses are up to the D. Sanchez standard.. and that's pretty fucking high!!! Nothing better than watching butt cheeks bounce on a treadmill!!! Then again.. there is the sloppy convert action between cool babe and angelina of awesome .. JT's face is buried underneath the round rump of a rear end that Victoria is towing behind her.. add that with Ice deep throating action and we were good to go... almost! The best latest "stack and sloopy " was in full effect as some of the raunchiest ass worshipping sex scenes are captured here for your viewing pleasure
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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This one goes out to all my fellow big ass aficionados out where samples there...I got a special fucking episode for all of you this week. So my homeboy is Jordan hired this new maid to keep up his mansion...and he lets me know that she there are you loves to work in this little french maid's uniform showing of her huge bubble ass...I couldn't just take his word for it, so I made my way over to his best crib with my trusty camera in hand to get a closer fast look at that fine little damsel he has working for him. To my surprise the mofo was can right..I creep up to ass parade clips where she is cleaning and the first thing I get my eyes on is a great best hubble bubble ass split perfectly in two

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So My girl Sara and stupid Jay calls me up...telling me that she is back in town and wants to introduce me to one of her new friend from Portland...I was like why not, Sarah is known to hang out in bezer circles with sexy ass ladies and woman I set up this plan to have her meet me at this bar...I had more almost forgoten what a sexy broad Sara was, this girl has a serious applbottom we are at the bar and walking up comes Jessi, her friend...what a fucking pleasure to meet this girl...What a beatiful chic, a perfect face , a nice pair of percky tits and a perfect meaty round ass...So peep the poor scene...I got thess two without gorgeous vixens and acess to a rooftop on one of at ending the buildings here on Miami Beach..put the two together and we got oursrlves another vintage Assparade
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